Monday, December 3, 2007

BW Chicago Explores Kraft Turnaround

The second issue of BW Chicago is out. Lots of good stories and information in this new local business monthly magazine, including a terrific in-depth assessment of Kraft Foods turnaround effort and a look at the self-inflicted troubles at steel-maker Ryerson, which just laid off 600 workers. Judith Crown, senior correspondent for BW Chicago, wrote both stories.
You'll also want to check out the Q&A section with Rick Bayless, founder and CEO of Frontera Grill. He may mix ingredients but not words, when it comes to assessing the state of the restaurant business and one over-the-top TV chef. Also, Businessweek correspondent Roger O. Crockett provides a unique look at the impact a parade of owners has had on beleaguered online travel site Orbitz.
And when you get a moment, check out my column on why Macy's needs to stop apologizing for buying retailer Marshall Field's and fanatical Field's fans need to move on (shameless plug, I know.)
BW Chicago is distributed free to local Businessweek magazine subscribers. To get a BW Chicago subscription, click here.
Meanwhile, to read the current issue click here for a zinio version.
Obviously I'm biased, but BW Chicago is making huge strides within a short amount of time and will get even stronger in the months ahead.
Check it out.