Sunday, March 23, 2008

BW Chicago: A Sad Sun-Times Saga

Making the rounds is the latest BW Chicago, Businessweek's local monthly magazine.
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As usual, a wealth of top-notch stories and information is featured. The new issue is anchored by an insightful cover story--written by Joseph Weber--on the troubles and challenges confronting the owner of the Chicago Sun-Times.
Veteran business reporter and former Sun-Times staffer Howard Wolinksy joins the BW Chicago team with a story on political operative David Axelrod, who is best-known for running Illinois Senator Barack Obama's presidential bid. "The Secret Side of David Axelrod", however, pulls back the curtain on the Democratic Party powerhouse'sother lucrative business--plotting strategy for corporate clients that "tilt public opinion their way", according to the article.
Health care stories are also part of the mix. Judith Crown writes about Walgreen's risky effort to build its in-store clinics. Meanwhile, Duncan Moore dissects the prospects of drug maker Hospira, which has some winning products but also a mountain of debt.
Those who want to go green or just care about the environment will enjoy Adam Aston's story on how the Merchandise Mart--yes, the big, bulky Merchandise Mart -- is successfully converting to an energy-efficient, "green" building.
And my column argues that United Airlines can go it alone without a major merger. But to succeed, it has to get beyond CEO Glenn Tilton and find a new leader. The column was posted on last week and has hit a nerve with United's passengers, staff and other interested parties. When I last looked, more than 130 Web responses had been posted. Click here to read the column and add to the commentary thread. All views are welcome!
I've said this before and will again: BW Chicago is getting stronger every month with perceptive stories, crisp editing, commentary and a special blend of business/community journalism that respects and challenges readers.
If you haven't yet connected with BW Chicago, check it out.


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