Monday, September 29, 2008

GOP Fallback: When In Doubt Blame Pelosi

Do you hear a fiddle? Because it sure feels like Rome is burning.
It's no huge surprise that the Bush Administration's massive economic rescue bill wasn't passed in the House of Representatives. Know anyone who approves of this thing? No, it is a deeply-flawed piece of legislation and even the reworked version, which includes greater taxpayer and consumer protection, cost too much and will likely accomplish too little.
But after watching the reaction of leading House Republicans, who are responsible for killing this bill, it's hard to believe that Congress can come up with something more worthwhile.
Because hardcore GOP opposition is preoccupied with petty and stupid political matters--primarily the conduct of some House Democrats, who support this wildly unpopular bailout bill served up by the GOP's own wildly unpopular president .
Instead of saying "this bill sucks, let's kill it and draft another, pronto", GOP leaders and obstructionists are ranting that the proposed bailout just went down in flames because of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's tart tongue.
To the GOP's collective horror, Democrat Pelosi got up before the lower chamber, prior to the vote, and stated the obvious: This financial crisis occurred on the GOP's watch and during President Bush's nearly eight years of mass destruction.
Well, boo, friggin' hoo.
Yeah, that's the first time Republicans have ever heard that one.
If the ultra-conservative GOP wing has a real plan for rescuing this economy then let's see it. If not, then let's go with this plan and move on.
But don't insult the country, or waste its time, with this political nonsense and talk of bruised feelings. Save it for Fox News.
This economy is in deep trouble and, like it or not, a bailout plan is needed.
So stop fiddling around.


Ron Culp said...

You're right, we can't blame Speaker Pelosi but she is part of the problem. While it didn't actually affect the final vote, Pelosi's vitriolic speech was an act of political ineptitude that underscores why Congress is held in lower esteem than President Bush.

This mess is a bi-partisan creation, which makes it even more frustrating since politicians on both sides of the aisle need someone to blame. Fingers are pointing everywhere except in the mirror.

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